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Bluetooth Noticeboard Using Arduino And HC05


This time we will make an exciting project using a Bluetooth module HC-05 and Arduino UNO R3

In this article, we are going to make a Bluetooth Noticeboard.

Such digital noticeboards can be utilized in various settings like restaurants, offices, and other workplaces to display information.


The main advantage of using this noticeboard is that you can change the text again and again as per your requirements, without wasting any time. Let us start the project. You can also read more articles on IoT and basic electronics published by us.

Description of Arduino Based Noticeboard

  • You can display the text of your wish on the LCD screen by entering it on the mobile app.
  • Open the play store on your Android device and download the Bluetooth serial app.
  • Then install it and turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone.
  • Pair it with the HC-05 Bluetooth and operate the application.
  • It will display the text “wireless noticeboard” for the first few seconds and then starts to display the text provided by you.
  • Download Bluetooth serial from the play store

Bluetooth Notice Board Using Arduino and 4Pin HC05 Module

Components Required

Circuit for Bluetooth Noticeboard

Bluetooth Notice Board Using Arduino and 4Pin HC05 Modul 1

  • Make the connections between the I2C module and 16×2 LCD. You can refer to our article for interfacing the I2C module with a 16×2 LCD module.
  • Then join the VCC pin of the I2C module with the 5 volts pin of the Arduino and the GND pin of the I2C module with the GND pin of the Arduino.
  • Connect the SDA and SCL pins of the I2C module with the SDA (analog-4) and SCL (analog-5) pins of the Arduino. Then take the Bluetooth module and connect its VCC pin with the 5 volts pin of the Arduino.
  • Join the GND pin of the Bluetooth module with the GND pin of the Arduino.
  • Attach the digital-2 pin of the Arduino with the Tx pin of the module, and the digital-3 pin of the Arduino with the Rx pin of the module.
  • If the display did not work properly, then please check the address of your I2C module and update the code with the new address.
  • Your circuit is complete now, and you can proceed with the next steps.

Code for Arduino based Bluetooth Noticeboard

NOTE: Please upload this code to the Arduino UNO. You have to install <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h> and <SoftwareSerial.h> libraries first. Check here how to install a zip library in the Arduino IDE.

#include <Wire.h>

#include <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h>

int lcdColumns = 16;

int lcdRows = 2;

LiquidCrystal_I2C lcd(0x27, lcdColumns, lcdRows);

char Display;

String Word;

String messageStatic;

String messageToScroll;

int L1;

int L2;

void scrollText(int row, String message, int delayTime, int lcdColumns) {

for (int i=0; i < lcdColumns; i++) {

message = ” ” + message;


message = message + ” “;

for (int pos = 0; pos < message.length(); pos++) {

lcd.setCursor(0, row);

lcd.print(message.substring(pos, pos + lcdColumns));




void setup()




lcd.begin(16,2);// Columnas y filas de LCD



void loop() {



Display = Serial.read();

Word = Word + Display;

if (Display == ‘*’) {



L1 = Word.indexOf(‘,’);

messageStatic = Word.substring(0, L1);

L2 = Word.indexOf(‘,’, L1+1);

messageToScroll = Word.substring(L1+1, L2);





Word = “”;








Connecting the app:-

  • Open the play store on your Android device and download the Bluetooth serial app.
  • Open the phone Bluetooth setting and pair a new device
  • Select hc-05 from there and pair it to the Bluetooth
  • Enter the password 1234
  • After connecting, open the serial app and connect the paired Bluetooth.
  • Now write text and send.

We hope that you liked this project.

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Thanks for reading!