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5pcs MAX485 TTL RS-485 Converter Module

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5pcs MAX485 TTL RS-485 Converter Module £7.90 Original price was: £7.90.£5.90Current price is: £5.90.
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Description for the MAX485 RS485 Converter Module:

  • Integrated Chip: Equipped with the MAX485 IC, offering low power consumption for efficient RS-485 communication.
  • Extended Communication Range: Capable of long cable runs, extending up to 1200 meters, ideal for large-scale data transmission applications.
  • High-Speed Data Transmission: Supports a data rate of up to 2.5Mbps, ensuring quick and effective serial communication.
  • 5V Power Supply Compatibility: Operates on a standard 5V power supply, with 5V logic levels for easy interfacing with microcontrollers like Arduino/PIC.
  • Simple Communication Control: Utilizes a single digital pin for direction control, simplifying operation and enhancing user-friendliness.
  • Multi-Module Connectivity: Ability to connect multiple modules together or use as a repeater, enhancing communication flexibility over greater distances.
  • Dual Functionality: Each module contains one driver and one receiver, with drivers featuring short-circuit current limitation and thermal shutdown for protection.
  • Fail-Safe Receiver Design: The receiver input has a fail-safe feature, ensuring a logic-high output if the input is open circuit for reliable performance.
  • Easy-to-Connect Headers: Standard 0.1″ pitch header pins for convenient soldering and breadboard integration, along with secure screw terminals for data cable connections.
  • Clear Pin Configuration: Includes VCC (5V), A (Non-inverting Receiver Input and Output), B (Inverting Receiver Input and Output), GND (0V), along with R0, RE, DE, and DI pins for comprehensive control.
  • Compact Dimensions: The module measures 44 x 14 mm, making it compact and suitable for various setups.
  • RS-485 Communication Wiring Support: Comes with a 5.08mm pitch 2P terminal, facilitating the wiring process for RS-485 communication.

Overall, the MAX485 RS485 Transceiver Module is a highly capable, robust, and user-friendly solution for your long-distance serial communication needs, suitable for a wide array of applications.

| Pin | Description |
| VCC | 5V |
| A | Non-inverting Receiver Input and Non-inverting Driver Output |
| B | Inverting Receiver Input and Inverting Driver Output |
| GND | 0V |
| R0 | Receiver Output (to Rx pin of microcontroller) |
| RE | Receiver Output Enable (Low to enable) |
| DE | Driver Output Enable (high to enable) |
| DI | Driver Input (to Tx pin of microcontroller) |
In the package 5pcs MAX485 modules
Size: 44 x14 mm

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