8-Channel Logic Level Shifter Converter


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8 Channel IIC I2C Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional Board Module 2 4 8 Way DC 3.3V5V With Pins
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Are you struggling to connect devices with different logic voltage levels? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you! Introducing the 8-Channel Logic Level Shifter Converter, a versatile and reliable tool that allows seamless communication between devices operating at different voltage levels. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, this converter ensures hassle-free interfacing, making it an essential component for your electronic projects and applications.

Seamless Logic Level Conversion:

The 8-Channel Logic Level Shifter Converter provides a smooth transition between devices with different logic voltage levels. Whether you need to interface 3.3V and 5V devices or any other voltage combinations, this converter effortlessly translates signals, ensuring reliable data transmission and compatibility.

Versatile 8-Channel Support:

With eight independent channels, this converter offers extensive connectivity options. It allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously, eliminating the need for separate converters or complex wiring setups. Enjoy the flexibility of interfacing various components, such as microcontrollers, sensors, displays, and more.

High-Speed Performance:

Designed to handle high-speed communication, the 8-Channel Logic Level Shifter Converter ensures minimal signal degradation and latency. It maintains signal integrity during data transmission, enabling efficient and accurate information exchange between devices. Experience seamless operation even in time-sensitive applications.

Easy-to-Use and Reliable:

Our converter features a user-friendly design that simplifies the installation and configuration process. It requires minimal external components, saving valuable space and reducing complexity. Additionally, it incorporates robust protection mechanisms to prevent voltage spikes and ensure the longevity of your connected devices.

Conversion level range: 1.8V-6V

Instructions:( for example 3.3V, 5V system conversion)
VCCA connects to 3.3V power supply
VCCB connects to 5V power supply
GND negative one, two power supply common ground
Ax input 3.3V TTL level,Bx will output 5V TTL level
Ax input 5V TTL level,Bx will output 3.3V TTL level

Size: 28 x 27.5 mm

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