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YIHUA Lead Free Solder Wire 100g Sn99.3 Cu0.7

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YIHUA Lead Free Solder Wire 100g Sn99.3 Cu0.7 £11.90 Original price was: £11.90.£9.90Current price is: £9.90.
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YIHUA Lead-Free 99.3Sn / 0.7Cu 100g Reel of Solder Wire – 0.8/1mm

The Lead-Free 99.3Sn / 0.7Cu solder wire reel (0.8/1mm) is a standout choice for electronics enthusiasts and professionals alike. The density of approximately 7.31 mg/m² ensures optimal weight distribution on electronic components.

Mechanical Properties:

  • Shear Strength: With a shear strength of 28 N/mm² at 20°C and 21 N/mm² at 100°C, this solder demonstrates strong mechanical stability even at elevated temperatures.
  • Stress to Rupture: Capable of withstanding 4300 hours at 5 N/mm² and 20°C, it proves to be exceptionally durable under sustained stress.
  • Mechanical Fatigue: Its endurance of 1100 cycles at ±15 N/mm² (20°C) ensures reliable performance over extended periods.

Offering 11.7% of the conductivity of pure copper at -20°C, the electrical performance is more than sufficient for circuit applications.

Compatibility & Applications:
The Sn99.3Cu0.7 composition is fully compatible with common PCB finishes, making it suitable for substituting tin/lead cored solder wires with minimal adjustments. Its versatility extends to professional and hobbyist applications.

Environmental & Health Safety:
Lead-free solder eliminates health risks, providing safer handling and reducing environmental impact.

Physical Form & Usability:
Available as a 0.8mm wire, it adapts well to varying soldering requirements. The rosin flux core ensures smooth flow, creating strong, reliable joints with minimal cleaning needed. Keeping the solder tip clean is essential for achieving shiny, robust joints.

Overall, the Lead-Free 99.3Sn / 0.7Cu 100g reel delivers on its promises of mechanical stability, environmental safety, and compatibility, making it an ideal solution for modern electronics soldering tasks.

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