YIHUA 929D-V Electric Desoldering Pump Iron

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We offer range of Soldering Irons and offer affordable and quality products, are backed by a comprehensive 12-month guarantee. During this period, should you encounter any defects or issues resulting from the manufacturing process or materials used, we are committed to repairing or replacing the product at no additional cost to you. We strive to ensure your utmost satisfaction with our products, and this one-year warranty is a testament to our confidence in their quality and durability.

YIHUA 929D-V Electric Desoldering Pump: Your Ultimate Soldering Companion

  • Innovative Vacuum Button: Unique design for one-handed operation. Effortlessly remove solder with a simple tilt – revolutionizing the way you work on circuit boards.
  • Dual Functionality: Seamlessly integrates the features of a soldering iron and desoldering pump. Get more done with one efficient tool.
  • Quality Build with Comfort in Mind: Constructed from high-grade ABS material with an anti-skid handle. Provides a secure and comfortable grip for extended use.
  • Efficient and Safe Design: Direct plug-in to power supply with a quick 3-minute preheat time. Features nylon nozzles for enhanced durability.
  • Interchangeable Desoldering Tips: Includes φ1.0mm & φ1.2mm tips for versatility. Easily switch based on solder joint size to prevent clogging.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: Comes with a cleaning needle and easily replaceable nozzles (post-cooling) for long-lasting performance.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for PCB corrections, re-soldering, desoldering, and component removal. An indispensable tool for varied soldering tasks.
  • Bonus Built-in Gaskets: Two additional gaskets included for maintaining optimal suction power. Easy to replace, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Customer-Focused Return Policy: Enjoy peace of mind with a 30-day no-quibble return or exchange guarantee.
  • Unmatched Value: High-quality materials, versatile applications, and thoughtful design at a competitive price point. An essential addition to any toolkit.

High-Efficiency Electric Solder Sucker Desoldering Pump

The YIHUA 929D-V Electric Desoldering Pump is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer in your soldering projects, providing reliability, ease of use, and exceptional value.

Crafted from high-quality ABS material, this desoldering pump is built to last. It features an anti-skid handle for secure grip and nylon nozzles for durability. Simply allow it to preheat for approximately three minutes, and you’re ready to perform the process of tin melting and absorption. The comfortable grip and robust construction ensure that this tool will serve you well for years to come.

YIHUA 929D V Electric Desoldering Pump Your Ultimate Soldering Compan

The thoughtful design extends to its range of accessories. Included are two types of desoldering tips with different diameters (φ1.0mm & φ1.2mm), allowing you to switch between tips according to the size of your solder joints, thus preventing clogging. Also included is cleaning needle in the package. Please note: it’s important to replace the nozzle only after has completely cooled down.

YIHUA 929D V Electric Desoldering Pump Your Ultim

The versatility of this solder sucker pump makes it an invaluable tool for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re correcting minor errors on a PCB, re-soldering and desoldering, or removing relays and other components from printed circuit boards, the 929D-V is up to the task.

We understand that value is important to our customers, which is why we’ve included two built-in gaskets with your purchase. If you find that the suction power is lacking, it may be due to the gaskets ageing. Simply replace them and your desoldering pump will be back to its full suction strength. We’re so confident in the quality of our product that we offer a 30-day no-quibble return or exchange policy.

YIHUA 929D V Electric Desoldering Pump Your Ultimate Sold

In summary, the YIHUA 929D-V Electric Desoldering Pump is a reliable, easy-to-use tool that offers excellent value for money. Its combination of high-quality materials, thoughtful design, and wide range of applications make it a must-have for anyone involved in soldering work.

Important Usage Guidelines when using the Electric Desoldering Pumps

  1. Initial Use Notice: This product is equipped with electrical insulating protective material (mica). It’s normal to observe white smoke within the first 20 minutes of use. This is a typical occurrence and is not a cause for concern. Please use the product with confidence, as it ensures safety during operation.
  2. Soldering Joint Caution: To prevent damage to the pad, avoid keeping the tool on the solder joint for an extended period. Once the solder has fully melted, promptly press the trigger and remove the soldering iron from the joint.
  3. Preheating for Best Results: For an enhanced desoldering experience, please allow the desoldering iron to preheat for approximately 3 minutes before use.
  4. Dealing with Old PCBs: Older PCBs might have dust-covered solder joints. To facilitate quicker desoldering, apply fresh solder to these joints during the desoldering process.
  5. Safety Reminder: While operating, ensure that neither any object nor any part of the body comes into contact with the desoldering pump’s heating element (the front metal component of the soldering iron) to prevent the risk of burns.

In the box:

1x Electric Desoldering Pump

1x Cleaning Pin

2x Desoldering Nozzles (1.0mm | 1.2mm)

Electric Desoldering Iron | YIHUA 929D-V

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