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LCD 60W Buck Boost Converter 0.5-30V 3A

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LED 50W Buck Boost Converter 0.5-30V 4A
LCD 60W Buck Boost Converter 0.5-30V 3A £10.90 Original price was: £10.90.£8.90Current price is: £8.90.
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The LCD 50W Buck Boost Converter 0.5 to 30V is a versatile DC adjustable constant voltage constant current step down/up power supply module with an LCD display, with clear visibility of input voltage, output voltage, current, power, and display status. This module offers adjustable and stable output voltage and current, making it suitable for use as a buck power supply module, charger, and LED constant current driver. It is designed to be simple, efficient, and practical.

Output power: Natural heat dissipation 35W(3A), enhance heat dissipation to 60W(4A) with heatsink.

Features of the LCD 60W Buck Boost Converter:

  1. High voltage resistant terminal for added safety.
  2. Complete output support.
  3. Anti-reverse protection to prevent damage from reverse connection.
  4. Short circuit protection to safeguard against electrical faults.
  5. Undervoltage protection to ensure stable operation.
  6. Anti-backflow protection to prevent current leakage.
  7. Automatic buck/boost voltage support for versatile applications.
  8. Enable output feature for easy control.
  9. HD LCD screen for clear and detailed display.
  10. Charging function support.
  11. Output selection capability.
  12. Display of input voltage.
  13. Display of output voltage, current, and power.
  14. Working status indicator to easily monitor operation.
  15. Simultaneous display of multiple parameters.
  16. High current capability with low heat generation.

LCD 60W Buck Boost Converter Parameters:

  1. Product Name: ZK-SJVA-4X 4A Step Down/Up Power Supply Module
  2. Product Number: ZK-SJVA-4X
  3. Working Voltage: DC 5.5V-30V
  4. Output Voltage: DC 0.5V-30V
  5. Output Current: 4A (requires heat sink for continuous use; stable at 3A for extended periods)
  6. Output Power: 50W (requires heat sink for continuous use; 35W for 3A)
  7. Voltage Display Range: 0~30V
  8. Voltage Display Precision: +/-0.5V
  9. Voltage Display Resolution: 0.05V
  10. Current Display Range: 0~4A
  11. Current Display Precision: +/-0.3A
  12. Current Display Resolution: 0.005A
  13. Conversion Efficiency: About 94%
  14. Working Current: 30mA
  15. Soft Start: Yes (may fail at high power loads)
  16. Anti-reverse Protection: Yes
  17. Anti-backflow Protection: Yes
  18. Short Protection: Yes
  19. Work Frequency: 180KHz
  20. Working Temperature Range: -20℃~85℃
  21. Working Humidity Range: 0%-95%RH
  22. Size: 66 x 48 x 21 mm

Button/Potentiometer/LED Introduction:

  1. Long press: Press and hold for more than 3 seconds.
  2. ON/OFF: Short press to select the output state; long press to restore default settings.
  3. IN/OUT: Short press to switch between displaying input voltage or output voltage; long press to switch between displaying output current or output power.
  4. CV Potentiometer: Adjusts the output voltage; rotate clockwise to increase the output voltage.
  5. CC Potentiometer: Adjusts the output current; rotate clockwise to increase the output current.
  6. ON LED: Green LED that indicates the presence of output at the output terminal.
  7. CC LED: Red LED that indicates constant current output; turns on when the load current reaches the set current value.

Can be used as:

1.As an ordinary step-up power module.

2. As a charger:

1. Note that the power module can only be used as a charger if it supports constant current functionality. It’s crucial to maintain constant current charging to avoid excessive charging current and potential battery damage.

2. Determine the floating charge voltage and charge current suitable for the battery. For example, if the lithium battery has parameters of 3.7V/2200mAh, the float charge voltage should be set at 4.2V, and the maximum charging current should be 1C, which is 2200mA.

3. Connect the correct input voltage to the input terminal. (Ensure no load is connected during parameter setting).

4. Test the output voltage using a multimeter and adjust the CC potentiometer to ensure the output voltage matches the required floating charge voltage (e.g., 4.2V for charging a 3.7V lithium battery).

5. Rotate the CC potentiometer counterclockwise for more than 10 turns initially.

6. Test the output short circuit current using a multimeter set to 10A or 20A by connecting the test probes to the module’s output terminal.

7. Rotate the CC constant current potentiometer clockwise to set the desired output current according to the required charge current value.

8. Connect the battery to the output terminal and commence charging.

3. As a high-power LCD constant current driver.


  1. The input undervoltage protection voltage is set at 4.7V. The module needs to be re-powered if the input voltage falls below this threshold.
  2. If there is no output voltage, rotate the CV potentiometer counterclockwise for more than 20 turns.
  3. This module is designed for DC power only and cannot be connected

Testing the 60W Buck Boost Converter

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