Mini L293D Motor Driver Shield Expansion Board

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Mini L293D Motor Driver Shield

New L293D motor shield, the input voltage DC4.5-25V
600mA output current capability per channel
1.2A peak output current (non repetitive) per channel
Over temperature protection
logical “0” input voltage up to1.5 V(high noise immunity)
Internal clamp diodes

The device is a monolithic integrated high voltage,high current four channel drivers designed to accept standard DTL or TTL logic levels and drive inductive loads (such as relays solenoids, DC and stepping motors) and switching power transistors . To simplify use of two bridges, each pair of channels is equipped with an enabled input. A separate supply input is provided for the logic, allowing operation at a lower voltage, and internal clamp diodes are included. This device is suitable for use in switching applications at frequencies up to 5 kHz.

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