FNIRSI-TC2 Digital Oscilloscope and Electronic Component Tester Multimeter

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FNIRSI-TC2 Digital Oscilloscope Remarkable Features:

  • All-in-One Capability:
    • Digital oscilloscope
    • Electronic component tester
    • PWM signal generator
    This multifunctional device eradicates the necessity for redundant tools, ensuring an uncluttered workspace and enhanced project efficiency.
  • One-Click Mode Selection: Transition between varied functionalities with sheer ease. The power button doubles as a mode switch, offering a fuss-free, user-centric experience.
  • In-Depth Component Analysis:
    • Mos Test Mode: Mastery in evaluating an array of transistors, extending insights into pin polarity, hFE, turn-on voltage, and junction capacitance.
    • Comprehensive measurements of capacitance, resistance, and inductance components, fortifying your electronics assessment.
  • Precision Waveform Examination: Delve deep into signal waveform intricacies with the dedicated “Oscilloscope” mode. Paired with a vivid color dot matrix TFT display, the FNIRSI-TC2 aids in rapid anomaly detection and proficient troubleshooting. Plus, relish the advantage of online compatibility, ensuring you stay updated with the latest firmware enhancements.
  • Mobility & Durability Combined: Embrace the convenience of a compact design, ensuring that the FNIRSI-TC2 is your go-to companion for on-the-go projects. Bolstered by an integrated rechargeable lithium battery, bid farewell to frequent battery switches and say hello to prolonged, uninterrupted performance.
  • For Every Electronic Enthusiast: Whether you’re just embarking on your electronics journey or you’re a seasoned maestro, the FNIRSI-TC2 is crafted to serve all. Experience rapid transistor pairing, accurate identification of diverse components, and effective preliminary screenings. Let’s make electronics not just efficient, but enjoyable.

FNIRSI-TC2 tester on table with button description

FNIRSI-TC2 Digital Oscilloscope: The Future of Electronics Testing and Analysis

Are you tired of juggling multiple devices for your electronics projects? Say goodbye to the hassle and welcome the FNIRSI-TC2, a groundbreaking innovation that combines the functionality of a digital oscilloscope, electronic component tester, and PWM signal generator into a single, versatile device. With its advanced features and intuitive design, the FNIRSI-TC2 is set to revolutionize the way you work and help you outrank the competition.

FNIRSI-TC2 Digital Oscilloscope Multifunctional Device:

A True Game-Changer The FNIRSI-TC2 stands out from the crowd by offering a wide range of functions, including a digital oscilloscope, electronic component tester, and PWM signal generator. This all-in-one device eliminates the need for multiple tools, streamlining your workspace and making your electronics projects more efficient.

Easy Mode Selection and Navigation:

With just a click of the power button, you can effortlessly switch between different working modes on the FNIRSI-TC2. Whether you need to perform oscilloscope measurements or component testing, the intuitive interface ensures a seamless user experience, allowing you to focus on your projects rather than complicated setup processes.

Comprehensive Component Testing:

In “Mos Test” mode, the FNIRSI-TC2 excels at testing various types of transistors and identifying device parameters such as pin polarity, hFE, turn-on voltage, and junction capacitance. Additionally, it can measure capacitance, resistance, and inductance components, enabling you to thoroughly analyze and evaluate your electronic components.

Oscilloscope Mode for Signal Waveform Analysis

With the “Oscilloscope” mode, you can examine the signal waveform of your circuit with precision. The FNIRSI-TC2’s large color dot matrix TFT display provides a clear visual representation, allowing you to detect anomalies and troubleshoot issues effectively. Moreover, the device supports online operation with a computer, empowering you to update the firmware and access the latest features effortlessly.

Portable and User-Friendly Design

The FNIRSI-TC2 features a compact and lightweight design, making it highly portable and convenient to carry wherever your projects take you. Equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, this device ensures long-lasting performance without the hassle of constant battery replacements.

Ideal for Electronics Enthusiasts and Professionals

Whether you’re a passionate electronics hobbyist or a seasoned professional, the FNIRSI-TC2 caters to all skill levels. It offers fast pairing of transistors, identification of mixed surface mount and wordless components, and preliminary screening of small batch components. Regardless of your expertise, this versatile tool will boost your productivity and make your work more enjoyable.


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