Arduino Compatible 4 Channel 5V Relay Shield


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4 channel 5v relay shield board
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Introducing the Arduino Compatible 4 Channel 5V Relay Shield, a quintessential module for those looking to control high-power devices with a low-power signal. This shield, commonly referred to as the 5V Quad Relay Module, is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Arduino projects, making it an ideal choice for smart home systems and other microcontroller-based applications.

Arduino Compatible 4 Channel 5V Relay Shield Key Features:

  • Perfect Compatibility: Designed to fit standard Arduino Shield interfaces, ensuring a hassle-free connection with various Arduino motherboards.
  • Stackable Design: The shield’s design allows for the stacking of other Arduino expansion boards, maximizing functionality without compromising space.
  • Sturdy Installation: Comes with 3 M3 screw positioning holes, ensuring a secure and easy installation process.
  • Versatile Drive: Supports both 5V and 3.3V drives with normally open contact closure.
  • Onboard Indicators: Features relay indicators in a striking red colour, providing visual feedback when the relay is activated.

Additional Insights for 4 Channel 5V Relay Shield:

  • Safety First: When pairing with the Arduino UNO board, ensure to avoid any short circuits with the UNO’s USB interface, especially around the green terminals.
  • Relay Specifications: Utilizes the sky-5V DC relay, model HJR-4102-L-5V. Each relay is labelled for easy identification, with Relay1 representing the first relay and so on.
  • Power Dynamics: Equipped with a dedicated 5V DC power interface.
  • Relay Terminals: Designed for high-power connections. Each relay terminal has a normally open pin (NOx), a normally closed pin (NCx), and a common pin (COMx). The relay’s behaviour changes based on the control signal, ensuring precise power control.

In Conclusion:

Kunkune’s 5V Quad Relay Shield is more than just a module; it’s a testament to precision engineering and design. Whether you’re an Arduino enthusiast or a professional, this relay shield promises unparalleled performance and ease of use. Dive into the world of controlled power with Kunkune’s trusted electronic solutions!

How To Use Arduino Compatible 4 Channel 5V Relay Shield

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