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Good quality selection for variety of options to suit your needs.They are DC to DC Converters that steps down voltage. We also offer dedicated Boost Converters and Buck Boost converters.Explore our catalogue to find the perfect solution for your specific requirements.

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Showing all 11 results

Buck Converter: Control Voltage Efficiently!

Here at Kunkune, we offer a comprehensive selection to fit your specific needs.

  • Wide Input Range: Many of our Buck Converters boast a variable input range, typically from 1V to 30V. This flexibility allows you to handle a variety of power sources.
  • Adjustable or Fixed Output: Choose from Buck Converters with adjustable output voltage for ultimate control, or fixed-voltage models for a simple and reliable solution. We recommend fixed-voltage converters for powering devices with specific requirements like 3.3V, 5V, 9V, or 12V.

Buck Converter Basics

What Are Buck Converters?

Buck Converters are a type of DC-DC converter that steps down voltage from a higher level to a lower level while maintaining high efficiency. They are widely used in electronic devices to ensure that the appropriate voltage is supplied to various components.

How Do They Work?

Buck Converters operate using a switching mechanism that alternates between storing energy in an inductor and releasing it to the output. The primary components include a high-side switch (often a MOSFET), a low-side switch (a diode or another MOSFET for synchronous designs), an inductor, and a capacitor. The high-side switch controls the energy flow, while the inductor and capacitor help smooth out the output voltage.

Practical Uses of Buck Converters in DIY Electronics

  1. Arduino Projects: Powering an Arduino board with a 12V battery by stepping down the voltage to 5V.
  2. LED Lighting: Driving LED strips or individual LEDs at a lower, stable voltage. Select the model with adjustable current to extend the life of LED lights.
  3. Battery-Powered Devices: Extending battery life by efficiently converting voltage for devices like portable speakers or handheld gadgets.
  4. RC Vehicles: Regulating voltage for motors and electronic components in remote-controlled cars and drones.
  5. Solar Power Systems: Optimizing power from solar panels to charge batteries or power devices directly.
  6. Portable Chargers: Creating custom power banks with multiple output voltages for different devices.
  7. Home Automation: Powering sensors and microcontrollers in smart home setups from a common higher voltage source.

Benefits of Buck Converters


  • Efficiency: High efficiency reduces energy loss and heat generation, making them ideal for battery-powered devices.
  • Size Reduction: Smaller components and higher efficiency allow for more compact designs.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Lower energy consumption and reduced need for cooling components lead to cost savings.

Buck vs. Other Converters

Comparative Overview:

  • Buck Converters: Step down voltage efficiently, ideal for applications requiring lower voltage from a higher input.
  • Boost Converters: Step up voltage from a lower level to a higher level, used when a higher voltage is needed.
  • Buck-Boost Converters: Can step up or step down voltage, providing versatility for varying input and output requirements.

Choosing the right converter depends on your specific voltage requirements and application scenarios.

How the Buck Converter work:

The Buck Converter operates by turning the high-side switch on and off. When on, current flows through the inductor, storing energy. When off, the inductor releases energy to the output. The duty cycle of the high-side switch is adjusted to regulate the output voltage precisely.

List of our Buck Converters

  1. 300W 9A Step Down Buck Converter 5-40V to 1.2-35V Power Supply Module
    • Output: Adjustable
    • Description: A high-power buck converter with a broad input range and adjustable output voltage, perfect for demanding applications.
  2. Mini 360 Adjustable Step Down Power Supply Buck Converter
    • Output: Adjustable
    • Description: Compact and efficient, this mini buck converter is ideal for projects with space constraints.
  3. LM2596 Buck Converter Constant Current and Voltage Adjustable
    • Output: Adjustable
    • Description: Features both constant current and voltage adjustments, making it versatile for various power supply needs.
  4. LM2596HV Voltage Regulator Step Down Buck Converter 4.5-50V to 3-35V Adjustable
    • Output: Adjustable
    • Description: High-voltage input capability with a wide adjustable output range, suitable for many applications.
  5. LM317 Buck Step Down Adjustable Voltage Converter
    • Output: Adjustable
    • Description: Reliable and easy-to-use, this converter is perfect for precise voltage control in various electronics projects.
  6. 5-30V to 3.3-5V Fixed Mini Buck Converter Step Down Module Airplane
    • Output: Fixed (3.3V or 5V)
    • Description: Designed for stable output in aviation applications, this mini converter offers a fixed voltage output.
  7. Mini560 5V-20V to 3.3V 5V 9V 12V 5A Step Down Buck Converter Power Supply
    • Output: Fixed (3.3V, 5V, 9V, 12V)
    • Description: Versatile with multiple fixed output options, this converter supports various electronic projects.
  8. Small Step Down Adjustable or Fixed Buck Converter
    • Output: Adjustable or Fixed
    • Description: Offers flexibility with both adjustable and fixed output settings, suitable for a range of power supply needs.
  9. USB Step Down Buck Converter 6-24V to 5V
    • Output: Fixed (5V)
    • Description: Perfect for USB-powered devices, this converter steps down a wide input range to a stable 5V output.
  10. Voltage and Current Adjustable Buck Converter
    • Output: Adjustable V, A
    • Description: This converter allows precise control of both voltage and current, ideal for customized power supply solutions.

Explore these top buck converters to find the perfect match for your project requirements.