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FNIRSI S1 Digital Multimeter

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Features of FNIRSI S1 Digital Multimeter:

  • Intelligent NCV detection: The S1 smart multimeter can detect live wires with a sound and light reminder, so you can work safely without having to worry about getting shocked.
  • Long-lasting battery life: The S1 smart multimeter is powered by a built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, which provides long-lasting power for all your measurements.
  • Overload protection: The S1 smart multimeter has full gear overload protection, so you don’t have to worry about it burning out if you make a mistake.
  • Intelligent computing chip: The S1 smart multimeter is equipped with an intelligent computing chip, which provides fast, precise, and accurate measurements.
  • Auto measurement and data hold: The S1 smart multimeter can automatically measure and hold data, so you can get the results you need quickly and easily.
  • Automatic switching gears: The S1 smart multimeter is designed to automatically switch gears on the ever-changing “battlefield,” so you can focus on your work without having to worry about the multimeter.

FNIRSI S1 Multimeter Functions:

  • Diode Test
  • Resistance Test
  • Frequency Test
  • Capacitance Test
  • Temperature Test
  • Ac/dc Voltage Test
  • On-off Buzzer 
  • Ncv Voltage Test
  • Zero/fire Wire Check

Specifications of the Digital Multimeter S1:

  • AC Voltage: 0~1000V ±(0.8%+3)
  • DC Voltage: 0~1000V ±(0.8%+3)
  • Resistance: 0~100MΩ ±(1.2%+3)
  • Capacitance: 0nF~10mF ±(4.5%+5)
  • Frequency: ±(0.1%+3) 
  • Temperature: -20~1000℃ ±(2%+5); -4~752°F ±(2%+10)
  • Diode: Yes
  • Automatic OFF: Yes
  • Lighting: Yes
  • On-off Buzzer: Yes
  • Auto Range: Yes
  • NCV-induced voltage: Yes
  • Live Mode: Yes
  • Data Hold: Yes
  • Analog: Yes
  • Low voltage Indication: Yes
  • Max Range: 9999 count
  • Valid Value: 50HZ~1KHZ
  • Material: ABS
  • Display: VA colour screen
  • Net Weight: 135g
  • Power Supply: 1000mA rechargeable lithium battery
  • Size: 143*75*19mm
  • Security Level: CAT III 1000V
FNIRSI S1 package includes with .uk

Package includes:

  • 1 x Digital Multimeter
  • 1 x Test Cable
  • 1 x Temperature probe
  • 1 x USB Cable
FNIRSI S1 digital multimete in the pack

What is a FNIRSI s1 digital multimeter, and how does it work?

A FNIRSI s1 digital multimeter is a versatile tool used by professionals and DIY enthusiasts for various electrical measurements. It is designed to measure important parameters such as AC and DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, diode polarity, NCV (non-contact voltage), and frequency (Hz). It is equipped with a digital display that provides accurate readings and allows users to perform measurements with ease.

FNIRSI S1 Digital Multimeter AC DC Voltage Resistance Capacitance at .uk

Exploring the features of FNIRSI S1 Digital Multimeter

The FNIRSI S1 digital multimeter comes with a host of features that make it a valuable tool for both professionals and hobbyists. It offers accurate AC and DC voltage measurements, allowing users to analyze electrical circuits and troubleshoot faults. The multimeter also has a diode testing function that helps identify the polarity of diodes. Additionally, the NCV feature enables users to detect the presence of voltage without physically contacting the circuit, ensuring added safety.

FNIRSI S1 Digital Multimeter AC DC Voltage Resistance

How to use a FNIRSI S1 digital multimeter for AC and DC voltage measurements?

Using the FNIRSI S1 digital multimeter for voltage measurements is a straightforward process. Start by selecting the appropriate voltage mode on the device. For AC voltage, choose the ACV mode, and for DC voltage, select the DCV mode. Connect the probes to the circuit or component, ensuring proper polarity. The digital display of the multimeter will show the measured voltage value in volts.

What are the different functions and applications of a FNIRSI S1 digital multimeter?

The FNIRSI S1 digital multimeter offers a wide range of functions that make it useful for various applications in electrical work. Let’s explore some of its key features:

FNIRSI S1 digital multimete a

Measuring resistance with an FNIRSI S1 digital multimeter

The FNIRSI S1 multimeter allows for the measurement of resistance in ohms. It is commonly used to test the continuity of circuits, check the resistance of resistors, or verify the integrity of electrical connections. By selecting the resistance mode and connecting the probes to the component or circuit, the multimeter accurately measures the resistance and displays the value on its digital screen.

Testing diodes and identifying their polarity using the FNIRSI S1

The diode testing function of the FNIRSI S1 digital multimeter helps users identify the polarity of diodes. Diodes are electronic components that allow current to flow in one direction only. By selecting the diode mode on the multimeter and connecting the diode to the probes, the device determines the polarity of the diode and indicates it on the digital display.

Using the NCV (non-contact voltage) feature of FNIRSI S1

The NCV feature of the FNIRSI S1 digital multimeter allows users to detect the presence of voltage without making physical contact with the circuit. This feature is particularly useful when working with live wires or in situations where direct contact might pose a safety risk. By selecting the NCV mode and holding the multimeter close to the circuit, it alerts the user to the presence of voltage through visual or audible indicators.

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How accurate are the readings provided by the FNIRSI S1 digital multimeter?

The accuracy of the readings provided by the FNIRSI S1 digital multimeter is an important consideration for any user. The device has a maximum count of 9999, which indicates the maximum value it can display for a particular measurement. This high count ensures that the multimeter offers precise readings, allowing users to obtain accurate measurements of voltage, resistance, capacitance, diode polarity, and other parameters.

Understanding the significance of 9999 counts in the FNIRSI S1

The 9999 count of the FNIRSI S1 multimeter refers to the maximum number of digits it can display for a given measurement. This high number ensures excellent resolution and accuracy when measuring various parameters. The additional counts enable users to obtain precise readings even for smaller changes in the measurement value, making the device highly reliable for a range of applications.

Comparing the accuracy of the FNIRSI S1 with other digital multimeters

The accuracy of a digital multimeter can vary depending on the model and brand. However, the fnirsi s1 digital multimeter is known for its high accuracy and reliability. It offers readings with a high level of precision, providing users with confidence in the measured values. It is always recommended to calibrate the multimeter periodically and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain accuracy.

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What are the necessary precautions and safety measures while using the FNIRSI S1 digital multimeter?

When working with electrical systems and using a FNIRSI S1 digital voltmeter, it is essential to take certain precautions to ensure safety. Some of the necessary precautions include:

Identifying live wires and taking safety precautions

When working with live wires, it is crucial to identify them correctly and take appropriate safety measures. Always assume that wires are live unless confirmed otherwise. Use proper personal protective equipment, such as insulated gloves and safety goggles, when necessary. Ensure the circuit is de-energized before making any connections or measurements.

Using proper settings to measure AC and DC voltage safely with FNIRSI S1

When measuring AC or DC voltage with the FNIRSI S1 digital multimeter, it is important to select the correct voltage range and setting on the device to prevent damage or inaccurate readings. Ensure the probes are appropriately connected to the circuit or component, using the designated ports on the multimeter. Follow the safety guidelines outlined in the user manual to perform measurements safely.

Understanding the importance of correct capacitance measurements in FNIRSI S1

The FNIRSI S1 digital voltmeter allows users to measure capacitance, which is the ability of a component to store electrical charge. Correct capacitance measurements are crucial for analysing the behaviour of capacitors in circuits. Select the capacitance mode on the multimeter and connect the probes to the capacitor to obtain accurate readings. Avoid exceeding the maximum capacitance limit specified by the device.

FNIRSI S1 Digital Multimeter AC DC Voltage Resistance Capacit 2

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