Solder Wire 63-37 Tin Lead Rosin Flux Core 2%


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Solder Wire 63-37 Tin Lead Rosin Core Flux 2% for Electrical Solderding 0.60.811.5 -UK
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100g Solder Wire for electronics applications

Solder wire with a composition of 63-37 Tin-Lead and 2% Rosin Flux Core is a common type used for electronics soldering due to its effective properties for creating durable, conductive joints. The melting point is 183°C


  • Tin (Sn) 63%: Tin is the primary component. It helps in lowering the melting point of the solder and provides good wetting properties, which ensure that the solder spreads and adheres well to the surfaces being joined.
  • Lead (Pb) 37%: Lead lowers the melting point and improves the flow characteristics of the solder. This composition, known as eutectic solder, melts and solidifies at one temperature (183°C), which is beneficial for preventing joint issues like cold soldering.
  • Rosin Flux Core 2%: The flux core within the solder wire facilitates the soldering process by removing oxidation from the metal surfaces during soldering. Rosin is a natural extract from pine trees and is mild and non-corrosive, making it suitable for electrical and electronics work where corrosion could affect electrical characteristics.

Sizes Available

  • 0.6mm: Suitable for precision work, such as soldering SMD components or fine pitch components on printed circuit boards (PCBs).
  • 0.8mm: A versatile size that strikes a balance between precision and the ability to carry sufficient solder for most electronic joint sizes.
  • 1.0mm: Commonly used for general electronics work, including both through-hole and some larger SMD components.
  • 1.5mm: Best suited for larger joints or for applications requiring more substantial amounts of solder, such as power electronics and thicker wires or terminals.


This type of solder wire is particularly useful for electronics due to its low melting point and the clean and reliable joints it forms. The 63-37 ratio allows it to solidify quickly, which is crucial for creating stable connections in sensitive electronic devices.

Handling and Safety

While 63-37 Tin-Lead solder is excellent for electronics, it is important to handle it safely due to the presence of lead, a toxic substance. Proper ventilation should be used while soldering, and hands should be washed after handling the solder wire. Use of personal protective equipment like gloves and safety glasses is recommended to avoid direct contact and to protect from potential splashes or fumes.

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