GY-346 Reliable and High-Performance Accelerometer I2C SPI IIC Interface


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GY-346 replaces ADXL346 Reliable and High-Performance Accelerometer I2C SPI IIC Interface
GY-346 Reliable and High-Performance Accelerometer I2C SPI IIC Interface £2.90
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Step into the next generation of acceleration sensing with Kunkune’s GY-346. Engineered to seamlessly replace the ADXL346, this triaxial acceleration sensor module is the epitome of precision and reliability.

GY-346 Key Specifications:

  • Working Voltage: 3 ~ 5V
  • Communication Protocols: IIC/SPI

GY-346 Noteworthy Features:

  • Power Efficiency: Ultra-low power consumption, as minimal as 23 μA.
  • Safety First: Equipped with free-fall detection to ensure safety in applications.
  • Interactive Sensing: Detects both single and double taps, enhancing user interaction.
  • Stay Alert: Features activity and inactivity monitoring, ensuring real-time responsiveness.

Why GY-346 Stands Out:

The GY-346 isn’t just another accelerometer; it’s a testament to Kunkune’s commitment to innovation. Designed to capture acceleration across three dimensions with impeccable accuracy, it’s the perfect fit for diverse applications. Whether you’re venturing into motion detection, orientation sensing, or vibration analysis, the GY-346 promises unparalleled performance.

Communication Flexibility: With support for I2C, SPI, and IIC interfaces, the GY-346 ensures seamless integration into your projects, offering you the flexibility to choose the best communication method for your setup.

Reliability Redefined: The GY-346’s advanced architecture guarantees stable and precise readings, even in the most demanding environments. When you choose the GY-346, you’re not just opting for a product; you’re investing in Kunkune’s promise of quality and excellence.

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