AC Voltage sensor module ZMPT101B 240V


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AC Voltage Sensor Module ZMPT101B 240V Voltage Transformer Module Arduino
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AC Voltage Sensor Module ZMPT101B. Specifically tailored for Arduino, this module is designed to provide precise AC power signal acquisition within 250V, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy in voltage detection applications.

AC Voltage Sensor Module ZMPT101B Key Features:

  • Precision Voltage Transformer: The module is equipped with the ZMPT101B series, ensuring high-precision voltage transformation.
  • Advanced Operational Amplifier Circuit: Onboard high-precision amplifier circuitry ensures exact signal sampling and offers appropriate compensation.
  • Adjustable Mode Voltage Output: Capable of measuring AC voltage up to 250V with a corresponding adjustable output mode.
  • Sine Wave Output: The module outputs a sine wave signal, with the waveform median being a DC component.
  • Versatile Supply Voltage: Operates efficiently within a range of 5-30V.
  • Customizable Output Waveform: An onboard potentiometer allows users to modify the output waveform’s amplitude without affecting its median value.
  • Waveform Adjustments: If waveform distortion occurs during amplitude enhancement, increasing the working voltage VCC can rectify it. If the waveform’s median value shifts to 0, a 105 pF capacitor can be connected in series at the OUT terminal to filter the waveform’s DC component.

AC Voltage Sensor Module ZMPT101B Specifications:

  • Transformer Type: Onboard Precision Micro Voltage Transformer.
  • Output Signal Nature: Sine wave with a DC component median.
  • Supply Voltage Range: 5-30V.
  • Size: 49.5 x 29.4 mm

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